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HighTower Advisors

300 Madison Ave
New York, NY 

* Work completed while at Ted Moudis Associates

My passion is to create unique holistic designs that embody a companies identity. I took Hightower's logo and superimposed it over the floor plan. I arranged the linear lights in the open office in the same directionality as the lines in the logo. This was a way to add visual interest to the open office and give a subtle nod to Hightower's brand identity.

I used the outline of the icon to create a "pop-up" in the reception ceiling. This not only creates volume in the space but adds visual interest by exposing the industrial duct work and structural deck in juxtaposition to the refined palate of the space. Adding a vertical wood tambour panel to the face of the pop-up and highlighting this texture with a cove light draws your eye up and create an element of volume in the space. The three led linear strip lights that span across the popup are influenced by the lines in Hightower's logo aswell.

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