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KCG Holdings

230 Vesey Street

New York, NY

MB20170225_KCG_preview copy_Page_5_Image_0001.png

* Work completed while at Ted Moudis Associates

KCG was a Global growth equity firm, whose primary business was electronic market making, high-frequency trading. The comany used algorithms to predict the market and when to buy and sell stocks. 

The office design spanned four floors connected through a grand staircase complete with a mezzanine. The main trading floor had 20' ceilings and an incredible truss structure that spanned the floor plate alieviating the need for columns through out, which block important site lines to traders. The space had unique geometry to work with. The exterior facade was curved. We wanted to draw inspiration from KCG's business and the amazing architecture of the space. We were inspired by math, geometry, and how that has played out in architecture throughout history. We visually represented this concept throughout the space with geometric dimensional forms. 

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